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High quality, in-vehicle advanced driver training undoubtedly provides the greatest benefit in managing driver risk, yet the investment can be hard to justify for any low mileage, occasional drivers in your business.

Our Safer Driving Seminars offer an extremely cost effective alternative for such drivers, and indeed for companies wanting to protect staff who may not drive for work purposes but do commute by driving.

If the term ‘seminar’ brings to mind a dry, dull and stuffy presentation with endless PowerPoint slides, please think again. Our advanced driver training is so much more…

Our Safer Driving Seminars are designed to be interactive, thought provoking and engaging, with specific content tailored to your business and drivers; delivered by expert trainers in a friendly and memorable manner.

We use a lively combination of media formats plus open discussion and Q&A to challenge and inspire your drivers, helping them to consider their driving in new ways, and this refreshing approach makes our Safer Driving Seminars very popular.

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What is frequently covered?

In addition to any particular topics you may want included, and any requested by your attending drivers, our Safer Driving Seminars frequently include some or all of the following:

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