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Advanced Driver Training AKA Defensive Driver Training

Advanced Driver Training (AKA Defensive Driving Courses)

Night Motorway TrafficWhilst there is more to consider when it comes to managing road safety than just advanced driver training, spending time out on the road with an expert, friendly and engaging advanced trainer is by far the most successful way to develop knowledge, awareness and safety; producing unparalleled long-term benefit.  

All Road Training provide a complete service in driver risk management; from developing the skill of a single driver to assisting with all aspects of Driving at Work for your company. A full satisfaction guarantee is available with our advanced driving courses, as indeed is free re-training, for complete peace of mind and ultimate value. In short, we are here to deliver advanced driver training to the very highest of standards.

How do advanced driving courses benefit your business?

Aside from well trained drivers being much more aware on the road, and subsequently far less likely to be involved in a collision (even those caused by other drivers), all employers have a legal Duty of Care obligation towards employees when Driving at Work. To see how Driving at Work legislation affects your business, click here.  Having an effective driver risk management system in place protects you and your business from potential prosecution that can result in fines of £20,000 and much more. Moreover, advanced driver training also brings other significant economic advantages, such as:

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If your business does use fuel cards, or any other method of providing fuel rather than repaying mileage expenses, please follow the link to use our Return On Investment Calculator and see the likely financial advantage to your own business of advanced driver training. By entering a few simple details, you will discover the true cost of such training to your company. The results may well surprise you, as effective training is likely to save you many thousands of pounds each year across your vehicle fleet.

Why is advanced driver training necessary?

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What else should you do to protect your employees and business?

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How does All Road Training help?

By providing highly effective and affordable solutions, tailored to your business, that:

Advanced Driver Training Formats

Our standard training formats offer you the choice of:


As part of our commitment to cut fleet costs and emissions, All Road Training is pleased to have sponsored the 2013 Carbon Reduction Conference in London, where the leaders of key public sector bodies will gather to discuss strategy for achieving the government’s commitment to reducing CO².

To see how advanced driver training can help your business, please get in touch.

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